LeslieAnn My Life as a Boy Vol. 1

by E.J. Gold



Paperback Edition 8 1/2 x 11

My Life as a Boy Vol 1

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"Surrealistic .... Far Out ... a Brutal Social Commentary ... Extremely Funny ..."

-- Sofia Karin Axelsson, Echo World

From the back cover:

"Having lived in two camps, both the male and female camps, and having seen and heard many strange things throughout this exotically woven timespace, I plan to let loose on many, if not all, of those oridinarily impenetrable secrets between the sexes. I no longer hide my boobs to get past the glass ceiling, but that's because I KNOW THE SECRET." -- Excerpts from LeslieAnn, My Life as a Boy

"First of all, be careful where you read My Life as a Boy, because you will be laughing right out loud. This book is full of photographs of a wonderful cast of characters, most of whom are relatives of the author, or the author herself. LeslieAnn gives advice on careers, magic, music, art and fashion. She is the friend every girl wishes she had. We travel back, forth and sideways through time, gender, occupations and relationships with LeslieAnn, recognizing ourselves in the process. I want to thank E.J. Gold for this wonderful gift. The gift of ourselves." -- Melissa Latimer, Jeweler, Healer, Writer, Photographer

"The jokes and life experiences told by LeslieAnn, the stand-up comedian, leave you receptive to the spiritual teachings woven throughout the book." -- James Hodgkinson, MSc., Graduate Royal Institute of Chemistry

"My Life as a Boy is a mind-twisting, gender-bending, literary romp through our social constructs of identity, memory, sexuality and reality. Reading this madcap manifesto is like falling into Wonderland, where all rules of what's real and what's not, no longer apply. Karl Marx is one of the Marx brothers, Dolly Parton dates Marcel Proust and Simone de Beauvoir does stand-up at the Starlight Lounge. Read this book. You will never be the same." -- Tamara Murrray, Child and Family Therapist

"As a heterosexual male who grew up with the preponderance of maternal nurturing and has more than usual feminine sensitivities, reading My Life as a Boy has nonetheless powerfully affected my view of our world in terms of relating to women and understanding far better what they go through and the reason for how they conduct themselves, to the degree of now having a much greater compassion and appreciation for them, who they are, and even the ways of the world in general. I'm guessing most women will be smiling and laughing in appreciation and recognition while happily adventuring through the enlivening pages of this book." -- M. Roche, B.A. in Psychobiology, M.B.A., Writer, Print Traffic Coordinator, Wall Street Runner, Event Organizer, Script Reader, NLP Afficionado, Investment Fund Raiser - Entertainment Industry

"Thank you so much for the Leslie Ann blog. It is shattering my world view in the best possible way. Leslie Ann is a god send." -- Kelli Strong Comedian