LeslieAnn My Life as a Boy Vol. 2

by E.J. Gold



Paperback Edition 8 1/2 x 11

My Life As A Boy Vol. 2

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From the back cover:

"Theatrical and dramatic! My Life as a Boy is exhilarating, sensational and thrilling. A subjective drilling exposition unswervingly decodes hidden meanings of a psychology of a man. A picturesque mélange of real life characters from E.J.'s lifespan, mercilessly giving an in-depth scrutiny about everything prevailing in the yin-yang human realm, this book has it all nailed!" -- Shimal Ahuja, WhiteSeer, PVA, Leadership, Cultural Training and Corporate Communications Trainer, Brand Management Consultant, Events Organizer, CSR and Gender Diversity Specialist

"LeslieAnn serves up her salty wisdom like a bowl of grandmother's chicken soup -- if your grandmother dressed like a boy, that is! She has the ability to tell it like it is from both sides of the gender aisle, and she does so with a mixture of humor and great compassion. Her memoir is like a perfectly timed punchline delivered straight to the heart. If you are an aspiring comic, or just a human being tap dancing on the stage of life, this book is for you. Join LeslieAnn as she takes a photographic trip down memory lane, and don't be surprised when you recognize your own face there too." -- Louise C. Levy, Massage Therapist, Art Historian, Tap Dancer

"My Life as a Boy reads like a One Woman Stand-Up Comedy show. I laughed, I cried, I related. There is a very serious side of this book couched in humor, of our society's treatment of women and all human beings. A very special and important book of our time of the past and present, but with hope for more humane treatment of our fellow beings." -- Kay Waltzer, AA degree from Atlanta Art Institute, AASD with a Diploma in Le Cordon Bleu Culinary Arts, Retail Store Buyer, Retail Department Manager, Chef, Artist

"How do we seek the Truth when our whole system loops in repeating cycles otherwise known as The Box? Funny, irreverent and absolutely relevant, E.J. Gold's new book weaves daily life concerns, penetrating insights, far out truths with our predicament as eternal beings. Packed full of wisdom and humour, this book could be all you ever need." -- Iain Cameron Watson, Alexander Technique Teacher / Trainer running workshops / retreats, Singer / Musician

"Initially, I perceived this book to be an exercise in gender identification / gender non-identification; however, it is so much more..." -- Fred M. Schill, Media Arts Chair / Arts Educator at Chicago Academy for the Arts

"Leslie Ann's My Life as a Boy is a vivid picture-scape. More than words of wit and wisdom and pictures of vivid shades of bold, it is a visual journey of a woman with unparalleled grit and mettle. She is cast in solid metal. But there's nothing heavy there, at all. Most of the chapters fill you with uncontainable bouts of laughter. LeslieAnn is bold and blitzy, jazzy and glitzy, bubbly and jovial, yet, so warm and inspiring. She tress-passes all stereotypes with a middle finger pointed to all conditioning that could possibly pull a woman down. You feel her presence through each chapter and feel parts of you dancing with her and singing with her and laughing out loud along with her. At the end of every chapter she deserves a hug. More than a book, LeslieAnn My Life as a Boy is a friend you could never let go of." -- Alka Mishra, Alkami, Marketing Specialist, Jubilant Life Sciences, Communication Professional, Entrepreneur, World Traveler, Explorer

"I was lucky to see LeslieAnn live. She was hysterical, but I just couldn't take my eyes off her ... um...chest." -- Eric Brummel, Certified Physical Therapist

"Richly illustrated with vintage photographs, My Life as a Boy tells the story of LeslieAnn as she engages fully with life, overcoming some of the difficulties of being born female by posing as a boy. Whether in the guise of a boy or as herself, and using her many talents as a dancer, performer and artist, she experiences life perceived as both male and female, allowing some wry observations on the nature of life on earth, sexuality, relationships, reincarnation, gender prejudice and much more. My Life as a Boy by E.J. Gold is both a riotous read and a profound teaching." -- Dixey Brooks, Dancer, Artist, Business Owner / Founder / Director of marvelloussuperfood.co.uk