LeslieAnn My Life as a Boy Vol. 3

by E.J. Gold



Paperback Edition 8 1/2 x 11

My Life As A Boy Vol. 3

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From the back cover:

"This daring book offers a devastating critique of the roles we play in relationships with each other, and provides the inspiring example of LeslieAnn's life as an alternative. LeslieAnn's book, more than any other, has drawn my attention to what is really going on right now. It can also be considered as a masterful course in writing. My Life As A Boy reminds me to lighten up, have fun, and be kind. This is a book to keep and offer to those who are longing for a new perspective." -- Andrew Bishop, Writer, Editor, Artist

"Wise! Witty! Wildly Useful! My Life as a Boy encourages gender-bending, quantum leaps of perception and shape-shifting your consciousness in Original and Magical Ways." -- Tamara Murray, MA Child & Family Therapist

"LeslieAnn speaks to many people in many different cultures in a straight-from-the-heart way delivering good sense and a quality of life for anyone who cares to benefit by her example." -- Marvette Kort, Graphic Designer My Life as a Boy - Volume 3 - Fascinating details of LeslieAnn's early family and school life, which then launches into the dizzying array of eclectic jobs she has done and is doing. Many of these were non-traditional roles for women when LeslieAnn was young, and she spoke about the changing attitudes in the workplace. The enormous range of jobs and careers that she talks about should be encouraging to anyone, male or female, who needs inspiration in choosing a way to support themselves." -- James Hodgkinson, MSc., Graduate Royal Institute of Chemistry

"My Life as a Boy is an astonishing roller coaster ride of a reading, taking the reader through a labyrinthine journey of thoughts, ideas, experiences and all with a twist; Leslie Ann is not just what you might expect, gender wise! This book is witty and wise, honest and bold and offers a delightful account of a life worth living. We should all live so fully, so humorously, so forthrightly! And did I say the book is informative? It is and the range is amazing." -- Gailyn Porter, Graphic Designer, Puppet Maker, Costume Designer, Writer