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E.J. Gold




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About the Book

Songwriter E.J. Gold sings his People.s Protest Songs from his songbook published under the same title. Lyrics revealing an insightful perspective on Donald Trump in his first month as U.S. President are sung to his guitar accompaniment.

This expose of the humorous and outrageous behavior of Donald Trump, portrayed for the news media and the world wide stage, as described in song, is in strong juxtaposition to the mood of the broadening of social culture as expressed in music from the era of the 1960s and 70s.

E.J. Gold, a student in the 40s - 50s at Downtown Community School in NYC, was a music student of the blacklisted Pete Seeger. He was in the The Greenwich Village scene with music mentors like Dave von Ronk and beat poets like Alan Ginsberg and New York School artists like Jackson Pollock, all on the cutting edge of the counterculture movements that spread throughout the country in the 60s giving rise to artists such as Bob Dylan, Jimi Hendrix and Bruce Springstein.

This collection of Gold's "folk" songs "from the folk" shed light on the turmoil of Trump's presidency and can be appreciated as "straight-shooting" social commentary.

List of Songs

  • Cia Told Me Not To Come -- "Want some crazy in your brain? Are you lookin' at a rump? What's all these crazy questions they keep on askin' Trump?"
  • Donald Can You Spare A Buck? -- "Once we fought a war by your command, mud rain ice cold and muck. Once I rounded up illegals for you
  • Donald's War -- Last night I had a vision that I'd never seen before. Donald Trump had just freaked out, and triggered off a war."
  • Donald Trump Rump-roast Blues -- "I never had a day of Trump's outrages, never had a drama of toys. All I ever see is Trump on Twitter, makin' more complainin' noise. I've got those blues, those Donald Trump Rump-Roast Blues."
  • Emperor Donald, Will You Rule This Land? -- "Emperor Donald will you rule this land, with your freakout wig and comb? Oh, how can I rule a country like this, with a whole Russian family back home?" (this refers to the FACT that the present Donald Trump is a not-particularly life-like Russian robot.)
  • Everybody Dislikes Donald Trump -- "Bobo waro korira Donald Trump, Tout le monde detest Donald Trump, Ren-ten-si hen-ni Donald Trump, Vsiem nenavidet Donald Trumpm, A todos les odio Donaldo Trumpito, Jeder eyne has Donald Trump, everybody dislikes Donald Trump". (Leave out the last verse if you want to get a whole bunch of Trump supporters singing "Everybody hates Donald Trump" without knowing what they're singing.)
  • Fantasize A Trump-free World -- "Conceive of no possessions, I wonder if you can, No need for greed or hunger, Don't need a travel ban…" (Good song for a town hall meeting, for sure, if they'll let you sing inside the hall.)
  • Far From The Trumpies -- "Someday I'll see the Trumpies go, Where Donald Trump is very slow, behind me…"
  • Freedom Special -- "If you go to Trump Amerika, you'd better walk right, You'd better not be an Arab, and you'd better be white. Trump's Storm Troopers will arrest you, They'll take you down, Before you know it, you'll be Labor Camp bound." This refers to the so-called "labor camps" for those who accept jobs in the infrastructure reclamation projects favored by the rich to keep the poor in slave labor positions.
  • Frozen Donald -- "It froze clear through to China, It formed an icy lump, At a hundred degrees below zero, it froze poor Donald Trump."
  • Go Tell Miss Liberty -- "Go tell Miss Liberty, Go tell Miss Liberty, Go tell Miss Liberty, the Old Republic's dead."
  • Hang Down Your Head Poor Donald -- "Hang down your head, poor Donald, Hang down your head and cry, Killed poor Ryan Owens, That poor boy had to die."
  • Hit The Trail, Trump -- "Don't care if you get carried off by the men in white, Your brain is crazy son, it sure ain't right."
  • If I Had An Iphone -- "If I had a facebook page, I'd share it in the morning, I'd share it in the evening, All over this land."
  • If You're Not White And Christian -- "Trump is who I'm singin' about, And people, you know it's true, If you're not white AND Christian and have to work for a livin', This is what they'll say to you."
  • Ivana Trump -- "Now sometimes Emperor Donald throws a spread, For all his pals and gals, a ghastly crew, Steve Bannon carves the joints and cuts the bread, In walks Ivana Trump to queer the brew."
  • Let Trump Tweet -- "Let him Tweet, Let him Tweet, Let him Tweet, Let him Tweet, Texting stupid flat-Earth garbage, Let him Tweet." (If you aimed a telescope directly at the ISS in the evening sky, a flat-Earther would accuse you of painting the image on the Objective lens, even though the ISS is visible to the naked eye. "Its a hologram projected by the CIA," they'll inform you darkly, and that's Trump in the proverbial nutshell. What U.S. President do you know who sat on Twitter, broadcasting deep national security secrets, along with scattered and vague personal attacks?)
  • Listen, Donald Trump -- "With a Slavic wife, you're taking a helluva chance, And your good friends, the Duponts, came over from France. Another thing, I'm sure, will be news to you, The first Mister Trump was a foreigner, too." (a well-scored point, I should think.)
  • Miss Liberty Don't You Weep -- "Well, one of these nights, around twelve o'clock, this whole world is gonna rock." (I think that says it all.)
  • Mushroom Cloud -- "The tyranny ends when the wall comes down, Follow the mushroom cloud, There's freedom for ALL on Amerikan ground, Follow the mushroom cloud."
  • No Balls At All -- "Oh, listen, my children, a story you'll hear, A song I will sing, it will fill you with cheer. The charming Melania hooked up in the Fall, She wed Donald Trump, who had no balls at all. No balls at all, No balls at all, she wed Donald Trump who had no balls at all." (with a good harmonic blend of three or four voices, this sounds great, and with an entire hall singing it, you'll bring down the house.)
  • No One Knows Trump -- "Donald Trump lived the life of a Billionaire, Never paid his taxes, he did not care, Took his huge family out for a mighty good time, Drinkin' taxpayers' money, champagne and wine." (nine MILLION dollars of taxpayer money every time he goes away for the weekend, and he pays NOTHING in taxes and won't even release his tax return! What a phony!)
  • One Tweet Over The Edge -- "I'm waitin' for the fallout and the joltin' earthquake, Standin' on this Wall Street ledge, Trump's sittin' on his ass in his golden office, One tweet over the edge." (Over the edge is the phrase you want here. Holy crap, is this guy over the edge. Maybe with your help, he'll be off the ledge at last. Once again, this would make a terrific song to foist on Trump supporters. They'll never know it's not PRO Trump, because it contains words of more than one syllable.)
  • Putin On The Style -- "Donald's in the oval office, Raging with all his might, His ‘Kill the Unbelievers!' screams, Put nice folks in a fright, Now you might think it's Satan comin' down the aisle, And you'd be right, it's Donald Trump, He's Putin on the style."
  • Really Uptight -- "Trump and his Russian friends want us all to fry, Even now I sit here and I wonder why, The electoral college wants to make me cry, Got to stop listening to all of your lies. Really uptight, not feelin' too good today."
  • Spiteful Tweets -- "Vengeful tweets are in my eyes, Don't know if it be truth or lies, He holds us hostage and puts on the screws, He hates the media and fears the news." (What other high government official is OBSESSIVE about posting on Twitter?)
  • Sympathy For The Donald -- "Just as all cops are criminals, And all the sinners saints, As heads is tails and upside-down, And is is always ain't, Just call me Mister President, I'm in need of some restraint." (Jesus, I'll say he is. In the old days, when there was money to run hospitals and clinics, he wouldn't be walking the streets.)
  • Talkin' ‘Bout My Meditation -- "Donald Trump is in my face, His ugly face is here to stay, Won't you vote him out of office, And make him go away?" A plaintive cry against tyranny, but my own personal druther is to see him through at least two terms, just to get my songbook lauched
  • The Donald Tweets Tonight -- "Fear your leader, your insane leader, The Donald Tweets tonight. Tweet away, tweet away, tweet away, tweet away." (Gosh, once again, a great song for a large group or perhaps a mob bearing tar and feathers marching across the White House lawn, as I have foreseen in my novel, "SlimeWars" which is still in print and ON SALE today!!!
  • The Great Imposter -- "Yes, he's the Great Imposter, Just scowling, he'll never forgive, He seems to be what he's not, you see, He's using his brain like a sieve."
  • There Once Was A Tweeting Maid -- "She went to the cyber cafe, When the hoodlums went away, And when the zombies came 'round, She always stood her ground." (This is a good choice for a subway busking gig, because it's not actually rabidly anti-Trump, although secretly, of course, it is.
  • The Tweet -- "Crazy Donald followed me, and he caught me in the fog, He said I'll fix your songs if you'll stop writing blogs, I said wait a minute Donald, you know I will not be screened, He said that's okay, I'll send in the Marines. He's addicted to Twitter, You can Tweet for free, Take a load off Twitter, Put the download on me."
  • This Land Is Not Trump's Land -- "As I was walking my shattered nation, I saw the people in sheer frustration, I saw before me Trump's ugly pig-face, This land is not for Trump alone." (You might want to save this as your closing piece.)
  • Trump Amerika -- "Trump Amerika around us, Russians banging at our door, Illegals rounded up, by the countless score, But I pay my taxes, So I'll give it one more try, To tell my liberal friends, Not to curl up and die."
  • Trump Meatball -- "Donald Trump was very bold, He asked for silver, gems and gold, Illegals all yelled at that shmuck, You can't eat here for a Billion Bucks!"
  • Trumptime -- "Trumptime, and the livin' is easy, Washington's jumpin', And the rake-off is high, Donald Trump's very rich, And his daughter's good-looking, So hush you illegals, Don't you cry."
  • Trump Train -- "I am feeling so unfree, Soon I'll be a Deportee, Watching as the clouds go by, As I ride in the sky."
  • Trump Won't You Buy Me -- "Donald Trump, won't you buy me a stretch limousine? It's in that kind of car that I'd like to be seen, Worked hard for retirement, No help have I seen, Donald Trump, won't you buy me a stretch limousine?"
  • Ufos Over Water -- "They burned down the Press stand, Jones and Hartman they went down, We were not white AND Christian, so we had to leave town. UFOs over water, fly into the sky."
  • Wall Around Heaven -- "Donald Trump is so sure all that glitters is gold, That he's building a Wall around Heaven."
  • Waltzing Gorilla -- "Down came an immigrant to live free in Amerika, Up jumped Trump and he grabbed him with glee, And he sang as he shoved that immigrant into his holding tank, You'll be a waltzing gorilla like me."
  • Washington Farewell -- "Down at the labor camp you can hear, Wage slaves cry out with deadly fear, I must declare that my heart is there, Though I came across the fence from Mexico."
  • We Will Tweet You -- "Donald make a big noise, Gonna be a big man, Ugly face, Big disgrace, Kickin' women and talkin' race. We will TWEET YOU!"
  • Yo, Trump -- "Yo, Trump, don't make me mad, Let Senator Warren read Coretta's letter, Let Enlightenment into your brain, You won't act so insane."