Shakti: The Gestalt of Zap

by E.J. Gold



Out of Print and Quite Rare (Facsimile Edition

Esoteric manual used in teaching advanced meditation techniques and movements during the 1970's. Includes some photographs of movements but no movements instruction.

A Reader's Perspective

I started re-reading Shakti after a couple decade hiatus -- whoa....the flute student analogy!!

Funnily, I started reading the book 20 years ago or so -- it didn't resonate with me. It seemed creepy and old -- for and from another era. I felt more in-tune with HBM and ABD and PWOS....the 80s stuff...

Today, reading Shakti, I did not experience the previous obstructions...I was able to follow along and gasp when the simple truths stood forth.

Still, I can only read a few pages of any of EJ's books -- after a paragraph or a few pages -- I have more than enough to work with...might take me two months to read Shakti, again, for the first time...