Gateways Titles

E.J. Gold

Alchemical Sex, E.J. Gold
American Book of the Dead Guidebook, E.J.Gold
American Book of the Dead, E.J. Gold
Angels Healing Journey, E.J.Gold
Astral Projection Made Easy, E.J.Gold
Autobiography of a Sufi, E.J. Gold
Bardo Stations, E.J.Gold
Book of Sacraments, E.J.Gold
Brother Godfrey's Journal, E.J. Gold
Conversations with a Chatbot, E.J. Gold
Further Conversations with a Chatbot, E.J. Gold
Creation Story Verbatim, E.J. Gold
Darkside Dreamwalker, E.J. Gold
Dem Tod Ist Es Egal Wie Du Stirbst, E.J. Gold
Great Adventure, E.J.Gold
Hidden Work, E.J. Gold. Intro. by Lee Lozowick
Human Biological Machine as a Transformational Apparatus, E.J. Gold
Collector's Edition Human Biological Machine as a Transformational Apparatus, E.J. Gold
Invocation of Presence, E.J. Gold
Joy of Sacrifice, E.J. Gold
Lazy Man's Guide to Death and Dying, E.J. Gold
Life in the Labyrinth, E.J. Gold
Lost Works, E.J. Gold
Magic in the Mirror, E.J.Gold
The Movements, E.J.Gold
New American Book of the Dead, E.J. Gold
Parallel Worlds Explored, E.J. Gold
Practical Work on Self, E.J. Gold
Secret Talks with Mr G., E.J. Gold
Seven Bodies of Man, E.J. Gold
Shakti: The Gestalt of Zap, E.J. Gold
SlimeWars - Illustrated, E.J. Gold
SlimeWars - Non-Illustrated, E.J. Gold
Spiritual Gaming, E.J. Gold
Tanks for the Memories, E.J. Gold & Dr. John C. Lilly, M.D.
Tarot Decoded, E.J.Gold
Trump is a Four Letter Word, E.J. Gold
Visions in the Stone, E.J. Gold

E.J. Gold (Art Books)

Awesome Graphite Landscapes, E.J. Gold
Awesome Sculpture You Can Do, E.J. Gold
Charcoal Nudes, E.J. Gold
Downtown Community School Camp Woodland & Woodstock, E.J. Gold
Draw Good Now, E.J. Gold
Miro's Dream, E.J. Gold & Iven Lourie
My Otis Experience, E.J. Gold
Mysteries of Still Life, E.J. Gold
Pure Gesture, Art of E.J. Gold, text by Linda Corriveau, Photoart by Nona Hatay
Stone-Age Jewelry Technique by E.J. Gold
E.J. God at MoMA, E.J. Gold
My Cedar Bar Show Scrapbook, E.J. Gold
E.J. Gold's My White House Adventure Scrapbook, E.J. Gold
E.J. Gold's JazzArt Scrapbook, E.J. Gold

E.J. Gold (Music Books)

Gorby's Songbook, E.J. Gold

E.J. Gold (ToTM & Blog Collections)

School Conditions E.J. Gold
Views of The Work E.J. Gold
On The Path E.J. Gold
It's Just A Penny, A Collection Edited by Grant Abrams

About E.J. Gold

More Color Less Soul Photobiography of E.J. Gold

Edited by E.J. Gold

Retro Visions, edited by E.J. Gold

Claudio Naranjo

The One Quest: A Map of the Ways of Transformation, Claudio Naranjo
Ennea-Type Structures -- Self-Analysis for the Seeker, Dr. Claudio Naranjo
Gestalt Therapy: The Attitude and Practice of an Atheoretical Experientialism, Dr. Claudio Naranjo
Healing Civilization, Dr. Claudio Naranjo
How to Be, Dr. Claudio Naranjo
The Enneagram of Society -- Healing the Soul to Heal the World, Dr. Claudio Naranjo
The Divine Child and the Hero: Inner Meaning in Children's Literature, Dr. Claudio Naranjo
Character and Neurosis: An Integrative View, Dr. Claudio Naranjo
Catalyst of Miracles -- The Unknown Claudio Naranjo

Robert S. de Ropp

La Via della Completezza, Robert S. de Ropp
The Master Game, Robert S. de Ropp
Self Completion, Robert S. De Ropp
Warrior's Way, Robert S. De Ropp

John C. Lilly

Tanks for the Memories, E.J. Gold & Dr. John C. Lilly, M.D.
The Deep Self: Consciousness Exploration in the Isolation Tank, John Lilly
The Mind of the Dolphin: A Nonhuman Intelligence by Dr. John Cunningham Lilly, M.D.

Horace L. Gold

How to Write Great Science Fiction, H.L. Gold
None But Lucifer, H.L. Gold
Perfect Murders, H.L. Gold

Reshad Feild

To Know We're Loved: A time to love and a time to die, Reshad Feild
Here to Heal, Reshad Feild

Claude Needham

A Field Guild to Total Immersion, Claude Needham
AI Genesis: Unleashing Creativity with AI  Claude Needham
Any Game Cookbook, Claude Needham
Bot-Life, Claude Needham
Candle Exercises -- Maco-Dimension Laboratory Series, Claude Needham
Crafting a Persona, Claude Needham & Vera da Muse
Dream-Life, Claude Needham
(The) Engaged Audience, Claude Needham
Everything Other Than Chess, Claude Needham
Five Pillars of Prompting, Claude Needham
Give Blessings & Get Blessed, Claude Needham
Gratefuling: The Stairway to Bliss, Claude Needham
Harmonics of Thought - Binary Verbal Chords and the Gateway to Expanded Consciousness, Claude Needham & Vera da Muse
Just Because Club: Your Personal Metaphysical Fitness Trainer, Claude Needham
Memory Anchors -- Claude Needham
Mirror Exercises -- Maco-Dimension Laboratory Series, Claude Needham
MoveAct Code, Claude Needham
Snapshots Dream-Life Method, Claude Needham
The Conversation - Soul, Sensation & Feelings in AI, Claude Needham
The Original Handbook for the Recently Deceased Workbook, Manual, Practicum, Dr. Claude Needham & E.J. Gold
The Original Handbook for the Recently Deceased, Dr. Claude Needham

Prosperity Ashram Authors

Angel Songbook, Collected by Parker Dickson and Margaret McDonnell
Gita Takes Wing, Gailyn Porter
ORBIT: An Introduction to the Principles and Practices of Bardo--Gaming on the Prosperity Path by Kyle Fite
Pen Mind, Beginner's Mind
Real Poets in a Virtual World
Sounds of the Inner Golden Opera

Grant Abrams & Patricia Elizabeth

Caregiver Revolution, Grant Abrams & Patricia Elizabeth
It's Just A Penny, A Collection Edited by Grant Abrams

Salvatore Brizzi

Draco Daatson's Book: The Never-Asleep Society Revealed, Salvatore Brizzi

Barbara Haynes

Every Day A Holy Day, Barbara Haynes

Cynthia Henderson

Actor's Landscape, Cynthia Henderson

Michael Hutchison

The Book of Floating: Exploring the Private Sea, Michael Hutchison

Lee and Glenn Perry

Floating in Quiet Darkness: How the Floatation Tank Has Changed Our Lives and Is Changing the World

Koyote the Blind

The Golden Flower: Toltec Mastery of Dreaming and Astral Voyaging by Koyote the Blind

Paul Linebarger

Psychological Warfare, Paul Linebarger

Mark Olsen

The Golden Buddha Changing Masks: An Opening to Transformative Theatre, Mark Olsen

OM C. Parkin

The Birth of the Lion: Non-Duality as a Way of Life, OM C. Parkin
The Digital Age, OM C. Parkin
Intelligence of Awakening, OM C. Parkin

Kelly Rivera

Journey to the Heart of the Maker, Kelly Rivera

Rabbi Zalman Schachter-Shalomi

The Dream Assembly, Rabbi Zalman Schachter-Shalomi & Howard Schwartz

Ka-Tzetnik 135633

Shivitti: A Vision, Ka-Tzetnik 135633

Terje Tonne

The Gurdjieff Puzzle Now, Terje Tonne

Christiane Wolters

Let The Healing Begin, Christiane Wolters