Here to Heal

by Reshad Feild



Paperback Edition

The spiritual practices developed on a journey through Sufism are explained in this enlightening how-to guide. Offering an in-depth breakdown of many important procedures.including the .Seven Breaths. of conscious awareness during a friend.s death, healing someone without their permission, and the earth healing ritual of geomancy.each element is offered with examples from Reshad Feild.s life. Relevant to anyone in a care-giving profession, this personal narrative presents Sufi healing in a contemporary context and provides systems that can be used even by those just beginning their spiritual path.

What makes this book special? This is an autobiographical account that is both entertaining and informative. Particularly regarding the practices of geomancy, healing the earth itself, readers will find descriptions, narrative, and techniques NOT familiar in most of the literature on healing. And this practice, geomancy, provides a direct link between the spiritual work of personal disciplines, i.e., meditation, yoga, prayer, and so on, with the urgency of the larger spheres of nature, of the environment and its destruction, and of the place of humans in geological time spans.

"The author places himself firmly in the tradition of many of mankind's greatest teachers. Those who are entering upon the life of the Spirit will surely gain from this book." --Radionic Quarterly

Table of Contents:

  • Introduction
  • The Balance of Things
  • The Search Begins
  • Synchronicity and the Path of Return
  • Journeys to the East
  • The Farm is Found
  • An Introduction to Shock
  • The Pattern of Shock
  • Breathing Alive
  • Permission and Authority in the Healing Profession
  • Healing the Land
  • Practical 'Home' Work
  • Conscious Birth, Sex and Death
  • The Practice Programme
  • Epilogue