Gateways New Books

Below is a listing of new titles and newly re-issued titles from the Gateways line of books.

Lost Works, E.J. Gold

Lost Works

by E.J. Gold

All these texts were written over forty years ago and published as separate pamphlets — often printed by the author himself — in very limited editions. Many of these were highly acclaimed when they first appeared, but gradually went out-of -print. In this volume, The Lost Works of E.J. Gold, they have been assembled as chapters. Some of the individual titles, alone, stir one deeply when read aloud — “You Look Somehow Familiar Forever”, “Spontaneous Surrender”, “Cosmic Acupuncture” and “The Butterfly of Retribution”, to name a few. for more info...

People's Protest Songs, E.J. Gold

People's Protest Songs

by E.J. Gold

E.J. Gold, a student in the 40s - 50s at Downtown Community School in NYC, was a music student of the blacklisted Pete Seeger. He was in the The Greenwich Village scene with music mentors like Dave von Ronk and beat poets like Alan Ginsberg and New York School artists like Jackson Pollock, all on the cutting edge of the counterculture movements that spread throughout the country in the 60s giving rise to artists such as Bob Dylan, Jimi Hendrix and Bruce Springstein. for more info...

Downtown Community School Camp Woodland & Woodstock, E.J. Gold

Downtown Community School Camp Woodland & Woodstock

by E.J. Gold

For the generation of creative, adventurous, inquisitive, high-energy kids who were growing up in the 1940s and 1950s, The Downtown Community School, Camp Woodland and the Woodstock area of New York provided environments for an enlightened education. for more info...

Catalyst of Miracles

The Unknown Claudio Naranjo

Edited by David S. Flattery, Ph.D. and Reza Leah Landman

This generous selection from the Festschrift articles collected for Claudio Naranjo's 70th birthday in 2002 includes personal memoirs and reminiscences going back to his school days in Chile; testimonies and accounts of meetings and activities over years of Claudio's consciousness-raising group, SAT (Seekers After Truth); and professional articles by colleagues of Claudio's ranging from contributions to the Amazonian Ibogaine research to an assessment of the contemporary Enneagram movement. for more info...

Astral Projection Made Easy

E.J. Gold

Astral Projection (sometimes called OOBE or OBE -- Out of Body Experience) is more properly the transfer of consciousness from the physical body to a higher body. This transfer can be sudden or gradual. Using the "Astral Projection Made Easy" method you will be able to develop your skills gaining mastery over this important talent. for more info...

Caregiver Revolution: 5 Easy Steps to Enlightened Caregiving

Grant Abrams & Patricia Elizabeth

The Caregiver Revolution infuses caring for others with enthusiasm and hope. The book provides simple tools and techniques for organizing the home environment, creating a .care circle,. reducing stress, and practicing .here and now. mindfulness in the midst of the hectic caregiving environment. for more info...