The Invocation of Presence

E.J. Gold



Spiralbound Private Edition

Invocation of Presence

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La Invocación de la Presencia

Instant (PDF) download $(19.95)

Table of Contents

  • Key To Life
  • Why Work On Ourselves At All?
  • Here I Ami
  • Emotion of Presence & Memory
  • The Journey
  • To Be Alive
  • Second Wind Phenomenon
  • Presence: A Serious Confession
  • Three Levels of Work
  • On Invoking Presence
  • Momentum of Invocation -- The Universal Travelling Junk Shop
  • Remembering To Invoke Presence
  • The Essentials of Momentum of Invocation
  • A Rose By Any Other Name
  • Step By Step Method to Invoke Presence