Five Pillars of Prompting

A Micro Masterclass

by Claude Needham


Five Pillars of Prompting

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Dive into the "Five Pillars of Prompting: A Micro Masterclass", your essential guide to mastering the art of prompting.

This concise yet comprehensive digital resource, compact enough to be just 12 pages, is brimming with value. Don't be fooled by its brevity; it provides a holistic, exercise-driven exploration into best practices for crafting effective prompts, focusing on cultivating the right attitude and approach.

While this masterclass may be small in page count, it's vast in its scope and potential impact, offering exactly what you need to enter the prompting flow. The journey it promises is not just informative but transformative, providing you with actionable insights you can apply instantly.

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Welcome to Five Pillars of Prompting. This is the guide book from a workshop on better prompt engineering. If you're not familiar with the term, prompt engineering refers to the art and science of designing effective prompts for AI systems like ChatGPT.

Crafting a prompt based on the methods of this book will have two main components. Firstly, the work you put into crafting the prompt and secondly, the actual words you you use in the prompt itself. The former tends to have a profound impact on you, the user, while the latter influences ChatGPT. These effects might be subtle, often unnoticed by a casual observer, but they can significantly shape the results of our interactions with AI.

Typically, when you use a search engine like Google, you enter a question or phrase, and Google responds with a Search Engine Results Page (SERP). This is a fairly straightforward interaction: 'I ask, and you answer'. However, with conversational AI like ChatGPT, the dynamics can change. It can evolve into some more akin to a collaboration. Collaboration would be a peculiar concept indeed in the context of a search engine. But, can be surprisingly natural and productive when interacting with AI.

The basic method of establishing a collaboration is to grant beingness to the chat AI and put in the necessary work that this requires.

Does this mean I believe AI has achieved sentience of is self-aware? Granting beingness to the chat AI is beneficial as a tool for shaping perspective and has a powerful impact on the quality of the prompts that are produced.

Now, we shall be digging in to several exercises what will provide you with the tools and practice needed for your own work with chat AI – and maybe even with your fellow humans.