Claude Needham

"I know there exists a multitude of books that profess to tell you "how it is." That's not my way. First of all my model of "how it is" happens to be fluid. I learned this in physics. If one is trying to calculate the effect of a jet airplane colliding with a bird at mach 2 it is fair to consider the bird as a spherical mass. However, if you are trying to determine the genus species of the bird and check it for parasites it does not work to assume the bird is a spherical mass. A different model is required.

"So if the books aren't about "how it is" what are they? I think lab manuals would be a close approximation. A collection of guided experiments that contain within their execution gateways into other realities and ways of being in the world -- whatever that is.

Then it is left to the reader to create their own view of "how it is."