Candle Exercises

Macro-Dimension Laboratory Series

by Claude Needham



Paperback Edition 6 x 9

Candle Exercises -- Macro-Dimension Laboratory Series

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This book is dedicated to those working their way back to their soul group.

When we incarnate into a world, we find ourselves on the ground, in a strange territory, a bit dazed, confused, and separated from the team.

Unless you happen to be one of those unusual creatures who incarnated on a solo mission, getting back to the team is of prime importance -- a first order of business.

This book is both a compass and a rehabilitation device. By working with the exercises in this book, you can get back in touch with that part of you that functions as a direction finder. This is just one of many spiritual tools in need of rehabilitation. There are energies, skills, habits, and attitudes which are rightfully part of your on-board spiritual equipment.

No one can give these to you. These you must reclaim for yourself, then shine and polish.

The Macro-Dimension Laboratory Series is designed to assist in those efforts. Our wish is that these exercises may be of benefit in your process.


Candles have served in rituals since the advent of fire. However, we shall not be dealing with candle magick nor the use of candles in ritual -- leastwise not directly.

While the use of candles in ritual may be interesting, and even productive, that is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to their many and varied uses -- candles are the Swiss Army knife of spiritual tools.

Candles can be used in meditation, attention training, learning concentration, developing discernment, in refining our natural gifts, in our work on self, and they can even serve as direct portals into other dimensions.

This book contains a rather large number of candle exercises. While this is by no means an exhaustive collection, it is definitely the widest collection of candle exercises that we have found available in print.

Many of these exercises have never been discussed outside of workshops and/or private training sessions. And some of these exercises where previously available only to a handful of adepts.

Admittedly it is better to enter into a regimen of candle training under the guidance of a teacher with the ability (and availability) to monitor one's progress -- giving direction and support throughout the process.

Sitting in front of a temple night and day begging admittance as a novice for training is something of the past that can only be found in classic kung fu movies. Detailed guidance and supervision is also something of the past. The current norm is buyer beware, rtfm (read the f---ing manual) and get on with it the best you can.

When there are few or no lineages in which to be initiated, then it isn't possible to have exercises spoon-fed one after the other -- as you demonstrate your readiness for the next step.

Having the time and good fortune to advance step by step under the tutelage of a master must have been sweet. Some of that may still exist. However, if you are reading this book, then there wasn't enough of that to go around.

When a book of exercises is published, there are no controls on the sequence in which the reader attempts the exercises. This can be good, this can be bad.

We have attempted to provide hints suggesting a sequence for the exercises. These hints are provided in the form of prerequisites for each exercise. While it is true that you are free to do with the exercises as you wish, give some consideration to following our advice on prerequisites.

By putting these exercises "out there" we are acknowledging the overwhelming possibility that the various existing lineages of transmission will be broken. It will be a major bummer to lose the guidance that a mentorship program could have provided. But, at least you have access and these exercises will not perished in an avalanche of info-babble or a big-data-purge.

I am always interested in learning more about different cultures and religions. The dedication of this book to those working their way back to their soul group is a beautiful sentiment. The book seems to be a collection of candle exercises that can be used for a variety of purposes, such as meditation, attention training, and developing discernment. I am curious to learn more about these exercises and how they might be beneficial.

-- Google Bard

Candle Exercises instantly became one of my favorite spiritual books. These fun and simple exercieses offer extensive metaphysical training that is always grounded in tangible experience. If you're stranded on an abandoned planet, this book (and a box of candles) might be enough to see you through"

-- A.B. Writer and Artist

Here is an opportunity to explore the macro-dimensions using the lab notes of a well-traveled voyager. For dedicated adventurers, Candle Exercises is the next best thing to personal mentorship.

-- G.D. Life Coach

Rather than trying to convince me of anything, Candle Exercises gave me the means to gather direct information about what the hell is really going on here.

-- J.M. Student

This clear and practical books presents an accelerated course in mindfulness and beyond.

-- L.G. Boulder Center