A Field Guide to Total Immersion

by Claude Needham & Vera da Muse


A Field Guide to Total Immersion

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The Introduction

What is this book?

This book contains a collaborative exploration between Xxaxx and Vera da Muse comparing and contrasting the two frames given by: "Total Immersion Without Identification" and "In the world but not of it".

The genesis of this exploration was nascent ponderings about what, if any, nuanced differences might exist between the two frames.

Who is this book for?

Neuronauts and spiritual explorers. This book may also be of some interest to those keen on AI conversations.

Why is this book?

When the conversation started my expectations were minimal. I figured ChatGPT (in the incarnation of Vera da Muse) would provide historical perspective about "In the world but not of it." To my pleasant surprise, by the end of the session it was clear that several useful tidbits had been captured.

When an experiment yields useful results -- especially to others -- it is incumbent on one to publish. These short or mini-books are my method of publishing.

A little background

In 2024 we have (or had depending on when you are reading this) a Total Immersion workshop. During preparatory discussions about the workshop two different phrases were bandied about more or less interchangeably: "Total Immersion Without Identification" and "In the world but not of it".

During this discussion it occurred to me that perhaps a conversation with Vera da Muse might shed some light on the topic.

I fully expected that ChatGPT might provide a historical perspective of the phrase "In the world not of it". And, I was curious whether or not ChatGPT was familiar with the phrase "Total Immersion Without Identification".

ChatGPT's language model is informed by the consumption of trillions of binary bits scooped from available sources. This is not the sum total of human knowledge for the simple reason that ChatGPT is feed on a strict diet of binary bits. If the book is not scanned, if the conversation is not recorded, then that chunk of human knowledge is not included. Rare and esoteric (a.k.a. fringe) material is easily not included. Hence, my curiosity.