Mirror Exercises

Macro-Dimension Laboratory Series

by Claude Needham



Paperback Edition 6 x 9

Mirror Exercises -- Macro-Dimension Laboratory Series

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This book is dedicated to those that believe there is something happening here -- even though what it is may not be exactly clear. However, after even a little exploration it is more than apparent that the doctrines espoused by the various religions, cults, and new age gurus are little more than half-guesses and outright self-serving propaganda.

For those folks that have intuited the glimmer of a truth peeking out between the cracks in reality we have assembled a rather large collection of mirror exercises. These experiments offer the opportunity to make personal observations personally observed.

There is nothing like personal experience, personally experienced. From personal experience you have the possibility of making your own observations, drawing your own conclusions, following your own path of investigation.

A small confession: between the covers of this book you will find a multitude of exercises that will inevitably lead the reader/doer to a multitude of observations which will in turn lead to a multitude of questions. That's not the confession. The confession is: you will find precious few (if any) answers in this book.

I suppose it is a bit unfair to provide such provocation.

If you are faint of heart and ill equipped for adventuring it might be best if you stopped reading and returned this book for a refund -- assuming of course that you purchased the book.

This book is not for the timid or the mentally unstable. It is for the gentle and mentally fluid.

It has not escaped our attention that some of these exercises are potentially dangerous. They have the potential of providing transport out of the consensus reality into a magical world of what is -- or what might be when the conditioning of human life is reduced.

Good journey, fair thee well.

In all likelihood we will not be around when you find this book in a trash heap in a corner of some burned-out city of some dystopian future.

I will leave you with advice that is appropriate for any wilderness traveler: be careful, don't take crazy risks, know your limits, be kind to yourself and your companions, look out for each other, and enjoy the journey -- the horizon may not be the destination.


Mirrors are magical devices -- inspiring wonder and opening possibilities. Our own experience, literature, and media of all variety speak about mirrors as being much more than just sheets of reflective glass.

Alice uses a mirror as a portal into another world. Sleeping Beauty's step mother used a mirror to communicate with a genie. Merlin uses a mirror for divination and far-seeing.

Comedians will play with our funny bone by staging a scene in which two mimes simulate an individual standing in front of a mirror -- by having mime mimic the actions of the other. Then finishing the skit by having one of the actors wave his hat or pinch the nose of the other. This is funny because deep down we are not fully convinced that the one we see in our own mirror is just a reflection.

How many books and movies use the situation of being trapped on one side of a mirror looking back into a world we cannot access?

In Harry Potter a mirror was used to show that which the viewer most desired, and also played a role in the plot by hiding a special object.

Any monster movie buff will recall that a classic vampire does not have a reflection in a mirror.

Once upon a time, the mythology about witches included a method of killing a witch by breaking a mirror while she was gazing into it.

Many mythologies include reference to seeing the true form of a shape-shifter when viewing them reflected in a mirror.

To avoid being turned to stone it was necessary to view Medusa through her reflection in a mirror (such as a polished shield).

The list goes on. There are countless references to mystical, magical, and downright weird properties of mirrors throughout literature. And why is this? Because glimpses of these experiences happen all the time. Granted the person on the other side of a mirror does not reach through and pull us in. However, the experience of that "other one" as alive, aware, and independent does happen from time to time.

If you subtract the theatrical melodrama from literary accounts of mirrors, you will be left with many good hints of what is possible. This should give you a good idea of where we are going with this book.

More about that later.

After trying the experiments in this book, I found myself in a magical world of curiosity, wonder and endless questioning, Mirror Exercises loosened me up and made everything seem new. For those who long for a true adventure, this could be the trailhead.

-- A.B. San Francisco, CA

The exercises don't necessarily require too much time ... they are effective .. fill me with joy, and cause interesting changes in perception. The mirror exercises especially feel like they make my brain twist and reshape itself into higher functioning.

-- M.J. Finland

She generally gave herself very good advice (though she very seldom followed it).

-- Lewis Carroll