Prosperity Ashram Authors

Prosperity Path Ashram is a virtual and magical world that offers its own Reality to the members who visit and participate there. While it is an extensive, multi-leveled environment with buildings ranging from ancient temples and shrines to modern theatres, galleries, clubs, and shopping malls?it is also the home of multidimensional and myriad meetings and activities. These include (but are not limited to) meditations, healing circles, study group meetings, ecstatic dance, sacred movement spaces, campfire circles, labyrinth readers' courses, music concerts, theatre performances, and so on. One book sourced in the Ashram is the poetry anthology: Real Poets in a Virtual World, based on the weekly workshop of the Prosperity Poets at the Langston Hughes Poetry Lounge. Another is Orbit, which introduces the novice reader to E.J. Gold's Orbs, GODD Games, the Urthgame website, Prosperity Ashram, and related subjects. We expect there will be many more books and other artistic works created in this globalized, international, universal, and futuristic environment on the worldwide web.

Gailyn Bering-Porter

Gailyn Porter (1946 -) is an artist, a graphic designer, a puppet maker, a costume designer and a writer. She has an M.A. Degree from SUNY Oswego in Graphic Design, an M.A. from the Waldorf Institute of Adelphi University in Childhood Education and Special Education at The College of St. Rose. Gailyn is permanently certified in New York State to teach Elementary and Special Education. She was a Waldorf Teacher, was Educational Programs Director at the Schenectady YWCA, served as copy editor for the Journal of Educational Research and for the Albany Schenectady Schoharie Board of Cooperative Education Services, was Director of Outreach and Publicity at Cooperative Federal, a community development credit union in Syracuse, NY, and was an apprentice at The Open Hand Theater, also in Syracuse, where she learned to make a wide range of puppets including shadow, stick, marionette and giant street puppets, skills she was able to take to creating puppet costumes for the Springfield Little Theatre in Springfield, Missouri.

Gerald Porter Books

Gerald Porter

Gerald Porter was trained as an educational and school psychologist with a Ph.D. in Educational Psychology and Statistics from the University at Albany, SUNY. He has been Vice President of Academic Affairs at Forest Institute, and has previously served as Dean of the School of Natural Health Arts and Sciences at Bastyr University, and the School of Education at SUNY Cortland. Before working in higher education administration, he was a faculty member for over 16 years at the University at Albany, SUNY and later, Oswego State University. He has given over 100 scholarly presentations, and his publications include the Dictionary of Counseling with Dr. Donald Biggs. Ever since childhood he has been irresistibly drawn to drawing, painting and poetry.

Kyle Fite Books

Kyle Fite

Kyle Fite is a Freelance Artist, Illustrator, Writer and Social Worker. He has contributed artwork and written material to esoteric publications such as Starfire Journal, Scarlet Imprint?s Diabolical and XVI: Bringing Down The House Of God, Qliphoth Journal and Sabbatica as well as doing illustrative work for books such as Sharing Community by Gary Messinger and Lisa Mills?and Obeah by Nicholaj Firsvold. ORBIT is his first full length book project and embodies extensive work with the ?Bardo Gaming? Systems developed by E.J. Gold.