Any Game Cookbook

Recipes for Spiritual Gaming

by Claude Needham



Any Game Cookbook

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From back cover:

"In The Any Game Cookbook you'll find a bountiful buffet of spiritual exercises; a veritable smorgasbord of gaming recipes. Each recipe is designed to transform the playing of any game into a spiritual gaming experience."

"Ordinarily playing a game is... well... um, ordinary."

"However, with the application of a recipe from this book, you can transform playing any of those aging games gathering dust in the hall closet into a new gaming experience -- a spiritual gaming adventure."

"This book is intended as a door opener, an opportunity for you to explore your experience."

"This book is an invitation for you to take a guided tour of your spiritual nature. "

"Inside these pages you will find a collection of exercises, assorted activities, rule modifications, and mentations designed to turn any gaming experience into a spiritual adventure."

A Reader's Perspective

Any Game Cookbook helped me to realise that it's possible to do spiritual work in my every day life. It's ideal for those who long to play for a greater purpose than winning.