Book of Sacraments

by E.J.Gold



Trade Paperback, 117 pages

Instant (PDF) download $(11.95)


The Book of Sacraments, a book of prayers by E.J. Gold, has been released in trade paperback format by Gateways. The book is liberally illustrated with pieces from Gold's Guides in Charcoal Series, with each left page bearing a striking image from a charcoal by Gold and each right page bearing inspiring verse.

The preface is written by Claudio Naranjo, M.D., preeminent Enneagramologist, who also has a new release coming from Gateways, The Divine Child and the Hero, who says: "a structured contemplative journey -- a journey which becomes a magic carpet for us in the same measure in which we let ourselves yield to its promptings."

As stated by editor Linda Corriveau, in her Foreword, "I wish for my mother to have this at her bedside so that she is filled with all the love of the creation which is expressed in this book."

"This is a book that has a lovely universal, nondenominatinoal appeal," commented Morgan Fox. "It's the kind of book I could confidently buy as a gift for almost every one of my relatives. It's a beautiful book, in both its images and its verse."

"I hope that readers of this Book of Sacraments get its point -- i.e., that all experience is like reflections on the empty mirror of our deeper mind -- and that they feel interested in testing out the view of life-as-dream and awareness as supreme reality." -- Claudio Naranjo

I love this book. I remember the first time I read this book, my eyes was weep and I gave the gratitude for how I felt in that time.

Alejandro C.