Intelligence of Awakening Workshop

Join this retreat with an awakened wisdom teacher of the silent tradition, known to his students as “OM.”

We begin the retreat with an introduction to awakening, then enter deep inner silence, followed by darshan (direct realization). OM shares his knowledge of the absolute through conversations, inner work, and lecture.

During darshan, we are invited to ask questions or share our deepest feelings. Each of OM’s answers has the clear and sharp flavor of uncompromising truth. Penetrating straight through the questions, OM focuses directly at the questioner themselves, dropping deeper than thought or feelings alone can do.

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The Birth of the Lion

Non-Duality as a Way of Life

OM C. Parkin



214 pages, Translated from the German edition

In his introductory autobiography, OM C. Parkin shares an extraordinary account of awakening to REALITY after a harrowing experience of near death and his subsequent meeting of his last teacher Gangaji. Combined with questions and answers taken from public gatherings called "Dialogues of Self-inquiry" (Darshan) OM C. Parkin confronts the reader directly with the essential question: Who is the "I" to which we relate our happiness and unhappiness, our past, present, and future? At the same time, he ruthlessly unmasks the arrogance of ego, clearly revealing how the mind clings to suffering and false identification even in the face of the truth that enlightenment is now.

"I am a non-traditionalist, and for whatever reasons I have been granted the grace of experiencing total Consciousness without any illusion of physical, emotional or mental limitation. I have been granted the grace of experiencing total consciousness without any illusion of physical, emotional, or mental limitation. This consciousness is what I AM. Whether the body appears or not, it doesn't matter. Only this direct experience has any authority, and this direct experience is possible for everyone. When is it possible? Now! Now is what you are searching for, and now is who searches. Everything is now. Everything dissolves into this now." – OM C. Parkin

  • Table of Contents
  • Foreword by Chandravali Schang ...1
  • An Autobiography
  • The Search for Another Reality ...5
  • The Pact ...7
  • The Romanticism of Death ...11
  • The Beginning of the End of a Dream ... 13
  • The Birth of the Lion ... 21
  • Burning in Nothingness ...28
  • Back in the Marketplace ... 32
  • Satsang ... 38
  • Suffering ...
  • The I-Thought is the Source of Suffering ...43
  • Guilt and Obliviousness ... 45
  • The Desire for Suffering ... 49
  • The Denial of Suffering ...53
  • The Promise of Unfulfilled Desires ... 57
  • Indolence, Fear, and Anger ...62
  • Suffering is a Delusion ...69
  • The Desire for Liberation ... 84
  • Dying into the Unknown ... 94
  • Teacher and Student in the Teaching of Non-Teaching ... 97
  • Self-Inquiry
  • Who Am I? ... 106
  • What is the Mind? ...111
  • From I to i: The Illusory Self-Shrinking Process
  • through Identification with Thinking ...115
  • Beyond the Subject/Object Relationship:
  • The Eye Cannot See Itself ...119
  • Realization: The Fall into the Bottomless ... 133
  • Meditation is Stillness Beyond Conditions ... 137
  • The Realization of the Self: No Person Becomes "Enlightened" 145
  • Suchness without Meaning ...152
  • Free of Vice; Free of Virtue ... 154
  • Love Without Relationship ... 159
  • In the Flow of Being ... 184
  • Glossary ... 203
  • Contact Information ...206