On the Path

A collection of talks

by E.J. Gold



Paperback Edition

On the Path collection of TOTM

Instant (PDF) download $(14.95)

Talks included:

  • ToTM #15 The Diamond Talk
  • ToTM #53 Being Willing
  • ToTM #62 Gaining a Foothold
  • ToTM #67 A Question of Motivation
  • ToTM #73 Power Question
  • ToTM #96 & #97 Taking the First Step, 1 & 2

These written talks are edited transcriptions from the original recordings of EJ Gold's talks to his core group students.

The full set of ToTM (Talks of the Month) form an invaluable tool for anyone trying to get closer to the source.

These talks cover various aspects of the spiritual path, both for beginners and for initiates.