Journey to the Heart of the Maker

by Kelly Rivera



Paperback Edition

Journey to the Heart of the Maker

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For readers interested in accelerating their self-transformation, Journey to the Heart of the Maker contains a wealth of practical knowledge sure to engender new modes of thinking and patterns of behavior in everyone who reads it.  In this irrepressible record of one woman's shamanic initiation, Grace Kelly Rivera provides invaluable techniques to help break habits of egocentricity and keep us ever oriented towards the divine.  Her bold path of spiritual inquiry traverses such diverse spiritual terrain as out of body experience, meditation, motherhood, angels, Sufi poetry, the Fourth Way, alchemy, flamenco, coating higher bodies, invocation of presence, crystal quartz radio technology, essential oils, sacred acting, and prayer.  Rivera plays easily in the deep, bolstered by many years of training with the perennial master E.J. Gold and the community surrounding him. Gold's masterful crazy wisdom and Rivera's painterly approach, with its generous strokes and penchant for compassion, are a winning combination that's sure to captivate. (Review by Daniel Brummel)

"Kelly's writing makes many difficult subjects approachable." -- E.J. Gold, author of American Book of the Dead, The Human Biological Machine as a Transformational Apparatus, Practical Work on Self, Parallel Worlds Explored, and more.

"Kelly Rivera's book is going to be well received by all on the spiritual path no matter what their association or lineage: meditation, mysticism, shamanism, service, or any offshoot of these. She presents a sophisticated view of her own inner work over many years, through vehicles like painting and performing arts, business entrepreneurship and blending of perfume essences. Though not a Buddhist herself, Rivera will especially move Buddhist readers with her vision that suffering can be transformed and perhaps even transcended. She will certainly send readers back to their routines with the advice that worked for the man trying to get to Carnegie Hall: practice, practice, practice.".Iven Lourie, Senior Editor, Gateways Books, author of poetry collection Miro's Dreamand editor of Café Writers Anthology 2010(Artemis Books)

"Dense, deep and full of advanced information on how to become truly Spiritual. Kelly includes many personal and heartfelt revelations about her own Journey. Her words are warm, truthful and reach out and touch our hearts. Also included are many illustrations of her beautiful paintings, which tell us things that words cannot." -Robert

Excerpt from the Introduction:

I think this body would be dead by now had I not joined the caravan back Home. Well, perhaps I am dead, in a way. In fact, when a lot of extracurricular events happened at the time of 9/11, I assumed that the precognizant vision, vivid voyaging, lucid dream experiences of falling, informing others we were dead . I assumed these reflected my connection to the event through having worked at Windows on the World on top of World Trade Center Tower 2. But I was informed by an impeccable authority . E.J. Gold . that in fact I was among the missing. Even with all my bewildering past, this would seem impossible to believe were it not for direct experience with parallel world personae had. All of this to say I am very much indebted to that Agency that has shown me the great mercy of expanding my perceptual capability beyond the confines my conditioning would have me stay in, and the compassion to lead me to where I might be given some explanation. For whatever reason, it seems I was pre-destined to have a life that pushed out beyond the box in which it was given conception. Lots of unpleasantness, but the rewards are literally out of this world.