The Photobiography of E.J. Gold

More Color Less Soul


by Linda Corriveau

Perfect bound small folio size. 316 pages.

This is a visual biography that uses thousands of archival photographs to convey the history of an individual who traversed the 40s and 50s as a youth, and the 60s and 70s as an artist. It reflects the literary and artistic scene in New York, the music and television industries in Los Angeles, the New Age / New Thought revolution in California, and the art scene throughout from the vantage point of a very active and creative individual who was in the middle of much of the stirrings and revolutions.

E.J. Gold is known as an artist, a photographer, a science fiction writer and transformational psychologist, a sculptor, a composer, and a game writer. His prolificness and proficiency in various media make it difficult to limit him to one genre or one profession. His humor pervades much of his writings as well as his satirical music. But more than anything else, Gold is an experimenter and an innovator who dares to beat the unbeaten path and open new fields of endeavors. He is a pioneer in the area of death and dying and transformational psychology among many other feats.

This is a unique book that captures the reflection of a powerful individual in the events in which he participated. It is an indirect approach to grasping a giant in the making as he weaved his web throughout a lifetime of activities and accomplishments. This book will give some background to all those interested in finding out more about this fascinating individual.