Charcoal Nudes

E.J. Gold



8.5" x 11" format, paperbound.

Charcoal Nudes

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Great book with beautiful images of charcoal nudes. Gold takes you on a tour of several charcoal nudes, describing technique for using the charcoal, which materials to use, how to work with a live model and more.

A Reader's Perspective

A series of examples each accompanied by a simple clear element of charcoal drawing or an aspect of expressing and working with nude models. As I beginner I appreciated the approach, giving me clear simple instructions that I could practice immediately, isolating each skill so that it could be mastered in time. I was soon drawing charcoal figures with a much freer style than I had allowed myself before. I had shied away from drawing nudes before as I fussed over getting the proportions and look just right. The method given in this book seemed to liberate me from that attitude and now I enjoy letting the nude forms flow from the charcoal.

J.H. (Alberta, Canada)