Warrior's Way

by Robert S. De Ropp



Trade Paperback

Warrior's Way

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Happily, a new group of readers can benefit from de Ropp's penetrating insights and honest account of his life. De Ropp's approach to life was highly rational and spiritual, individualistic and idealistic. An autobiography well worth the read for then and now.

"Robert de Ropp describes in this book most everything spiritual practitioners in Western cultures should know. I am just amazed that his expositions have not been acknowledged by further printings of his books, particularly this one, which could serve as a guide and reminder to one's spiritual endeavours for the rest of one's life.

"I am so glad that you advertise it as potentially still obtainable. It's a book I would keep for the rest of my life, reading it again and again should I feel that I've strayed from the road less travelled."