Conversations with a Chatbot

Prompt Engineering (the Short Form)

by E.J. Gold



Conversations with a Chatbot (pdf)

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Join E.J. Gold in his playful discovery of this relatively new technology sweeping our culture – the world of AI, Artificial Intelligence. A professional writer, multi-faceted artist, inspired jeweler and improvisational musician, Gold lives by creative innovation. Growing up in the 1940s and '50s within the circles of New York City's intelligentsia, Gold garnered a broad background in literature, the arts and the sciences. Gold intuitively explores ChatGPT and AI image generation, lightheartedly using his diverse background context and his seasoned acumen to create stunning, evocative AI generative content. In addition, as an artist, Gold opens doors to all who may wish to follow his example, a way to offer AI-assisted generative graphics for public consumption as digital content or as a physical item. This book delivers the atmosphere of inspiration and creativity, contagious qualities to uplift the reader and pave a path for success.

"E.J.’s work on AI has helped me open up to the multiple possibilities and practical services this technology provides. I find this new Work tool exercises my critical discernment and aids communication. It has been very inspiring for me. I’m now using AI for written word and art projects. "

- Paula Andrea, Awakening Consultant, Radio Programmer and Broadcaster

"I had been thinking about documenting our adventures with accompanying illustrations, but my poor artistic abilities inhibited me. Fortunately, E.J. had been collaborating with NightCafe and ChatGPT for a few months, and he made it appear effortless. Encouraged by his success, I decided to give it a go. As I began composing the stories, instead of struggling to find the right words or phrases by flipping through a thesaurus, I turned to ChatGPT, and the process became effortless. With E.J.'s guidance, my writing flowed smoothly, and I developed a "snapshot" illustration for each tale using his instructions with NightCafe. Without his assistance, I would not have been able to make such fluid progress on my own. His morning tutorials on incorporating visual elements were incredibly motivating. Now, I find myself constantly thinking up more stories and images to accompany them, as if my mind cannot stop generating new ideas. Thank you, E.J., once again!"

- Toni Paulson, Retired Educational Administrator and Grandmother

"It's been very helpful watching E.J. using prompts that come from seemingly left field. So when I use a Generative Art bot, it forces me to get into a state – almost meditative in quality – and watch with wonder at the results. Using my own discrimination to determine if it's any good, I see some are obviously good, and some obviously bad .... and the rest cause further examination."

- Jazzy, Artist and Art Teacher

"Thank you E.J. Working with AI generative tools have encouraged my creativity in ways I never anticipated!"

- Wilson Cloudchamber, Seminar Facilitator