School Conditions

A collection of talks

by E.J. Gold



Paperback Edition

School Conditions

Instant (PDF) download $(14.95)


Instant (PDF) download $(14.95)

Talks included:

  • ToTM #21 Sexual Hungers
  • ToTM #30 Conflict Management
  • ToTM #33 The Alchemical Foundation for the Accretion of Higher Substances
  • ToTM #58 Kicking the Banana Habit
  • ToTM #72 The Contamination Talk
  • ToTM #79 Views of Renunciant Life

These written talks are edited transcriptions from the original recordings of EJ Gold's talks to his core group students.

The full set of ToTM (Talks of the Month) form an invaluable tool for anyone trying to get closer to the source.

Including the vitally important Diet (#33) and Contaminaton (#72) issues, this set provides a view of the lifestyle discipline that is essential for this Work.