Parallel Worlds Explored

by E.J. Gold



6" x 9" format, Trade paperback.

Parallel Worlds Explored

Instant (PDF) download $(29.95)

Mundos Paralelos Explorados

Instant (PDF) download $(29.95)

This book contains a series of notes from the work bench of world famous artist / inventor E.J. Gold. It begins with his discovery of the Spirit Radio. This device, which uses modifed crystal radio technology to contact spirits, is the first step in the realm of the Beta-Blocker, which produces a special spiritual state of intuition, creativity and deep meditation.

  1. What is a Spirit Radio?
  2. The Theory Behind Spirit Radio
  3. How to Build a Spirit Radio Altar
  4. Inner Circle Workshop on Spirit Radio
  5. One Tube Vintage Spirit Radio
  6. Parallel Universe Induction Device
  7. Slipstream Theory
  8. What is Jaunting?
  9. Beta-Blocker Technicals
  10. String Theory
  11. Radio Waves
  12. Uses for Beta-Blockers
  13. Ghost-Hunting with the Spirit Radio
  14. Healer Cleansing
  15. Brainwave Functions & Entrainment
  16. Wearable Beta-Blockers
  17. Bludgeons & SledgeHammers
  18. Beta-Blocker Sex
  19. Early Leaky Wave Technology
  20. Introduction to the Beacon
  21. Brainwave Beats
  22. Parallel Universe Probes
  23. PUP Training -- Group Effect
  24. PUP Tracks
  25. The Assembly
  26. Comparisons Between Beta-Blockers
  27. Coupling Factor Theory
  28. Psychic Intuitiveness
  29. Mega-Wave Broadcasting
  30. Switching Tracks
  31. Stabilization with Beta-Blockers
  32. The Beacon and The Chronic
  33. How the Map Works
  34. What Secrets Did the Ancients Possess?
  35. Wormholes
  36. Beta-Blocker Medicine?
  37. Astral Slipstream
  38. Voyaging by Possession
  39. Which Universe is Home?
  40. Using Your Beta-Blocker Amulet
  41. Instant Peace Meditation
  42. Chronic & Beta-Block
  43. On the Importance of Journaling
  44. Fear & Loathing in Alternate Worlds
  45. World Peace & Harmony
  46. Integrating Your PUPs
  47. Actualize World Peace
  48. I Wake Up Screaming
  49. More to E.J. Than Meets the Eye
  50. Beta-Blocker Technology
  51. The Chronic and the Beta-Blocker
  52. Electronic Mojo
  53. Star Static
  54. Multiple Dimensions
  55. Beta-Block Experiences by Beta-Blocker Users
  56. Promotional Material
  57. UFO Christmas Carol

Super Beacon

Click Here for Information.

The SuperBeacon.automatically seeks, recovers and harmonizes PUPs (Parallel Universe Personae) into the present HomeWorld Universe, seeking the next-nearest in order of luminosity (apparent magnitude).
Use with Beacon. Inductions to facilitate and chart your progress in connecting with your parallel world identities, experiences, lifetimes and to enhance your lucid dreaming and other out of body voyages.
The Super Beacon can be used with your Ancient Coins and Antiquities to facilitate the psychic connections for psychometry or reading of past life objects.
The SuperBeacon is a highly modified crystal radio connected to a pair of copper-wrapped quartz crystals. The crystal controllers are attached to the connecting cord with covered alligator clips. Should they become disconnected, simply clip them and pull the plastic covers down over the clip for comfort and aesthetic.
The crystal controllers are held, one in each hand. It does not matter which cord is left and which is right -- plus and minus orientation is not important unless you are training on higher levels, in which case the black cord goes to the left hand and the red/yellow cord goes to the right hand for meridian balance. Because the crystal radio circuit derives all its power from the radio waves themselves, there is virtually no current running through the body except what normally comes through broadcast radio waves in Earth's atmosphere.

There's more to the story -- Click Here for Information.

A Reader's Perspective

Parallel Worlds Explored was one of the first of EJ's books I read, and it had a profound effect on me. Having begun as a rather hard-hearted skeptic, reading Parallel Worlds Explored seemed to soften up a lot of my pessimism and cynicism. The book helped me to get comfortable with what I truly do or do not know for sure and made it safe to walk away from some unhelpful patterns. I'm tremendously grateful to the author.